Satisfy your Food Cravings at Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen

Food cravings can strike at anytime. And when they do, they need to be satisfied immediately. So next time one of these cravings hits and you need a sweet sugar-filled bite and smell of aroma coffee, Cassalu Coffee and Kitchen have your back.

Cassalu Coffee and Kitchen branch at Ayala Malls, Circuit Makati welcomes you with its homey ambiance and very chill feeling.

That aroma smell of brewed coffee – ah! feels like home

12 different flavours of cheesecake. Their signature cheesecake is a bomb!

Dream cakes are a thing this holiday season. Gift your loved one with these yummy sweets. 


Behind Cassalu and Coffee Kitchen is a couple who started a pastry business back in 2007. Couple Noel and Loren started the venture with only 5,000 pesos as initial capital. They offered their homemade pastries to their relatives, friends and colleagues. Loren bakes, Noel sells, that was their humble beginning. Delighted to see that people were enjoying their pastries and having raised fund from what they sell, they invested in kitchen tools and joined night markets and Christmas bazaars.

Loren, who is a Certified Public Accountant, has always dreamt of pursuing to put up a food business due to her passion for cooking and baking. She is fond of scanning through gastronomic books and experimenting recipes at home and enrolling culinary courses. The couple’s routine also includes coffee to get them through the busy days, and that’s when they discovered specialty coffee and its wonders. And they agreed, they should serve speciality coffee with their cakes, nothing else!

After getting much inspiration and encouragement from family and friends, they decided to put up their first cafe in Las Pinas City. Cassalu, which is named after their children Cassandra and Lucas, also sounds like kasalo which means “a person with whom one shares meals”. Up until today, their passion remains in their hearts, thus instilling it to the hearts of their employees – this is what Cassalu is all about.

This is a sponsored post from Cassalu Coffee and Kitchen.

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