Capturing the Familiar Feeling of Home at PATIO ENRICO

Capturing patrons with a stellar dining experience is what truly sets great restaurants apart. In the competitive food and hospitality industry, any opportunity to offer a distinctive and memorable meal will help you stand out and succeed. From fine dining to themed restaurants with a unique niche, it’s ultimately the customer’s experience and satisfaction that matter most.

The dining experience begins as soon as your customers walk in the door. From the way guests are greeted to the type of music playing, every aspect of your establishment influences and shapes their impression. Much like everything else in life, you only get one chance for a first impression so make it FANTASTIC!

Patio Enrico restaurant
This little corner will welcome you whilst dining in the restaurant

I had the chance to experience such service in one of the best growing restaurants in my hometown. Situated in Majestic Hills, Caggay, Tuguegarao City, this place welcomes you with its eclectic industrial-rustic ambience and hospitable crews.

With the love and passion for food, PATIO ENRICO was born and started serving in 2006.

I love how they are true to their vision which is to satisfy the customer’s palate.

patio enrico menu
The grazing board and this boodle fight platter is a BOMB!

Food has always had a special place within specific societies. Patio Enrico serves as a way of sustenance and as a source of identity and national pride. All around the town, the only experience many people have with a specific culture is through their food, making it that much more important for restaurateurs to put their best foot forward when making ethnic foods.

An array of food boards! This is sumptuous!

Patio Enrico gave me the feeling of home. It awakens my inner being back when I was in my childhood days when my family and I would dine together and share the sweetness of life through food. Sharing meals with all of those close to me brings back memories of those family roundtable lunches and dinner. While those sitting at the table and the contents of the plates may change, those same feelings of happiness, calmness, and the joy of sharing a good laugh, remain the same.

The restaurant is open for casual dining, take-out and food deliveries. They also cater on all occasions. For further details, you may visit their Facebook page here.

Special thanks to Patio Enrico owners and crew for the wonderful experience!