How Motorbike Tour Change My Way of Traveling

Many of us have that deep desire to travel. Once the travel bug gets to you, your wanderlust drafts a huge bucket list of new places to explore. Last weekend, was the craziest and fun adventures I had.

Baguio City has always been my comfort zone whenever I feel down, stress or needed time to relax.

Last weekend was such a memorable and fun one because I roamed around Baguio using a motorbike. It was always in my bucket list to bike tour around this place but I never had a chance because I’m afraid to drive along steep slopes.

This majestic view amazes me. 🙂

I am supposed to travel with a friend on Friday night but I am caught up with work plus I need to meet people on Saturday afternoon. It was a long ride for me going to Baguio. I ended up reaching the hotel at 2:30 in the morning.

Me, ready to sleep. Zzzz

My friend and I woke up around eight to have our buffet breakfast before touring around Baguio using motorbike! Ah! excited! Thank you Holiday Inn Baguio for having us.

This isn’t my plate. LOL

I eat rice and heavy meals during breakfast so my plating was not that good to share.

After breakfast, we head to this place called Autobarts where we will rent the motorcycle. We rented it for only Php500.00 (9.5USD) for 24 hours. We toured around and indulge ourselves in every scene we passed.

Peace out y’all!

Stunning views that kicked out my stress and made me realized how this world we live in is such a beauty.

One particular memory I will never forget about Baguio is, we had an encounter with a policeman because we were about to violate rules. I don’t want to expand this story but, Dear God, we were so nervous and afraid at that moment. After I calmly talked to the police officer and made things in proper, I felt so relieved. We hurriedly drive fast and laughed about this funny experience.

Processed with RNI Films. Preset 'Agfacolor 40's Aged'

This Lion’s Head is the reason we got caught. LOL. I do not recommend using Google maps when you tour around Baguio – giving you unwanted directions. It is better to ask the locals.


We meet new people every single day but not every one of them creates memories with you. I thanked this friend who’s with me and let me experience this kind of tour.

This experience gave me that uplifting feeling and includes this list:

  • Travelling by motorbike enables you to discover places which you most probably would have missed.
  • Deal with a lot of adventures along your way.
  • Meet the locals.
  • You own your time.
  • No itinerary and getting lost is the best thing that can happen.

I will add this weekend to my list of memorable ones.

Have you tried the motorbiking tour? What was your memorable experience?