Pycon Philippines 2018 – My First Pycon Experience

PyCon Philippines is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit conference centred on the Python Programming language.

The goal of the conference is to provide a venue where the Python programming language and surrounding technologies can be explored, discussed and exercised.

I’ve always wanted to attend this conference since 2015 when one of my friends send me a request to join the Python Philippines Community. I was only learning python that time using Odoo–an ERP solution that uses python programming as its backend. My python programming journey leads me to meet masters of this language online but I never had the time to meet them personally.

Last year, November I was browsing my feed when one pioneer of the community posted that they are calling for volunteers this coming Pycon 2018. I immediately sign up and pin the scheduled date on my calendar.

The whole preparation was smooth. I was so excited to meet the other organizers. We only communicate through Slack and Facebook Messenger.

The first day of Pycon I was the first one to be in the venue. It was 5:30 AM. Lol. (Excited but so nervous).

After two minutes, volunteers and attendees were coming. I met Ciara and talked about how will we able to distribute lunch. The coffee booth was also there. Super early. Thanks to them!

I finally met all the volunteers and the core team of Python PH. I feel so excited about what’s in store for this event. I even jumped of joy when I finally saw Al Sweigart and meet–one speaker who I read his book “Automate Boring stuff with Python”.

Al Sweigart, one of the keynote speakers of #pyconph2018 and author of several python books including Automate the Boring Stuff with Python and .

Met other volunteers and speakers and we talked about Machine Learning. Marc here is 19 years old lad and I admire him because he has this pure passion for designing things and now introducing me Machine Learning. Good job on you!

Meeting new people was one of the best highlights of this event. This was the time wherein we talked about Machine Learning: TensorFlow. Glad to meet you guys!
With Manoj – one of the Pycon PH Speakers! Happy meeting you! You nailed the talk!

I also got the chance and be a part of the Women Who Code Manila. And will take their challenge to talk one day during their weekend meetups.

Empowerment of Women! Cheers!

After Day 1, we had the chance to have a team dinner with all of us volunteers and speakers! Such a great honour to be with them.

Team Pycon PH Dinner

It was an event full of learning and enjoyment. The whole Pycon PH team did a great job! I am looking forward to Pycon PH 2019 and hopefully, I can have more time to help with them.

Happy to be a part of this Team! #PyconPH2018

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