Climbing Mt. Maculot with A Heavy Heart

I can hear heavy weep on the other line,

“She’s gone…”

And then the line was cut off.

The last time I climbed a mountain was on my birthday last 2017. Every year I climbed a mountain during my birthday but this year I celebrated it with my best friend on an ice skating rink nearby Manila.

2017 birthday climb – Mt. Ulap, Gungal Rock

Climbing a mountain gives you a feeling of enrichment in your life. Once you reached the summit, you will see all the beauty everywhere and appreciate the world.


One of my friends invited me to join them in climbing Mt. Maculot. I responded to going because I need to find recovery and peace during those times. Climbing a mountain would be great therapy and I miss that sensation when you finally reached the peak.

Before ascending, I send a text message to my Mom that there will be insufficient phone signal and will just update her soon. Mom hurriedly called and told me to take care.

We reached the summit after three hours of battling muddy paths and many slips. It was raining and all we can see are clouds covering the whole scenery. Still, we took pictures remembering our climb.


During that day, one of my aunts is fighting for her life.  As I was walking on the rocky roads of the mountain, I uttered little prayers to our Almighty that she will heal her.

After the summit, we went to this popular Rockies wherein the best place to take a picture of you. It’s a manifestation you conquered Mt. Maculot.

The rockies, Mt. Maculot

While waiting for my other co-climbers taking pictures my phone kept ringing. I saw lots of text messages from my mom and my sister. I was about to open their messages when Mom called.

I can hear heavy weep on the other line,

“She’s gone…”

“Your Tita Helen is gone.”

And then the line was cut off because of an insufficient signal. It shocked me and couldn’t move in a minute. Tears were dropping but I hold back. The view was splendid, lots of trees, a volcano within a lake, clouds were clearing and blue skies are peeking.

But, I sat in that big rock near the edge and stared at a blank abyss. I saw darkness.


I was out of the zone. My aunt may have not lived that long but I know God always has plans. I will never forget how you hugged me tight on that month of June when I visited Casilan. That was our last conversation.

To my beloved Aunt Helen, I know you’re with our Dear Almighty now away from the pain you suffered on this planet. Rest in peace.

I descended and whispered to the entire mountain view,

“Thy will be done.”

This is a late publish post. I climbed Mt. Maculot last August 2018 and on that same day, we lost our dear aunt. I dedicate this post to her.