To Travel is to Live

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

There is nothing like diving out of your comfort zone to make you realize that you are a newbie in life no matter what your age.  I travel when I had some conflict in life. Traveling made me realized that getting out of your comfort zone can lighten those burdens that we are facing.

After graduating from college and engaged to my work, I started travelling during weekends or free days. I climbed mountains, go swimming in the beach and plunged into some adventures.  Travelling gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully. There are a lots of things you learn along the way when you travel. Here are the few things I learned while engaging myself into traveling.

1. Learning about life itself

I travel because I want to find myself. Funny and ironic it is, that’s how I see myself when I’m traveling. I want to get something from inside of me, I want to get to know more about myself and getting to learn more about life.

3. Meeting unforgettable people

Baguio City has been my home when traveling alone. Session road has been my witness of why I love the place. There was one time when I visited one restaurant a woman approached me asking if she wanted to join me for dinner. I smiled telling her “Sure”. She is an exchange student currently studying there. Then friendship between us started to bloom. Now, we still have this constant communication and every time I visit Baguio, I always meet with her.

3. Trying new things

When I travel to a new place I always try their specialty foods or trying something in their menu that sounds unfamiliar to me. I also find myself jumping on a bus and going on places where I’m not familiar with. It is all about getting yourself into situations and turning them into amazing experiences.

4. Finding the value of getting lost

Get lost and wander around. Tear off that plan of yours and experience things that are not in guide plan or books. Adventure having things figured out is boring.


5. Never alone

Making friends anywhere is one of the best moments of traveling. You learn to talk with other people and indulge into their culture. Always be the first one to smile.



This are some lists of mine. I will include more. I still have more traveling lessons to learn. Meeting new people are the most treasured gifts in life.Developing a love for other cultures, religions and lifestyles is one of the best benefits of traveling.







Author: Jessica Apostol

Loves to discover and explore new things that lies beyond the universe. Geeky nerd.

10 thoughts

  1. Travel is a great transforming experience. The more you travel, the more you discover and the more you change. Travel changes your entire perspective of life. You start looking at things with a more objective and unbiased view.

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  2. Am I the one who took that photo that’s why I’m not included there? Hahaha… Anyway, I agree with everything that you say here. Save for the money, you don’t lose anything when you travel. In fact, it is one if not the most enriching endeavor a person can do in his/her life. I recommend it to everyone!


  3. Traveling also transformed my life from nothing to more than anything. I spend almost 1/3 of my life away from home working and traveling. I learned, discovered and matured. Traveling will always be part of my life.


  4. These are great lessons. I have definitely learned so much about myself from traveling. I continue to travel as I find it continues to help me grow as a person.


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